Powerful countenance or intimidating

28-Feb-2016 09:18

The undue urging of merchandise upon customers is not countenanced, nor yet is indifference in the slightest degree permitted.

It does not appear that this absurd design was ever countenanced by the King.

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It need hardly be said that had the "Otter" been aware he would not have countenanced these lawless doings of his confrères.

Divorce is not countenanced by opinion in Paris, though permitted by law.

"way one contains oneself," from continere (see contain). The verb "to favor, patronize" is from 1560s, from notion of "to look upon with sanction or smiles." Possibly this mixture would not be countenanced by the art drink mixers of New York.

from "appearance" to "facial expression betraying a state of mind," to "face" itself (late 14c.).

Think they're up to something or secretly despise you?Presidential Guard waving Venezuelan flag after retaking Miraflores Palace.