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He has a Bachelor of Economics, a Graduate Diploma in Management and as a qualified CPA, worked as an IT project manager for many years before turning to writing full time.

Stephen had always been fascinated with astronomy, dating back to when he'd spent many nights as a teenager studying the southern skies with a 4.5 inch reflecting telescope.

The world’s oldest library, located at al-Qarawiyyin University in Fez, Morocco has reopened after an extensive renovation.

For any historically minded traveler, this is the big leagues, folks. Founded in 895 by a wealthy woman named Fatima El-Fihriya, the library was intended to be a center for both knowledge and religious study.

He pursued that interest by studying part-time for a Master of Science degree in Astronomy, which he completed in late 2015.

In his late twenties, Stephen backpacked around the world, traveling to many countries in Asia and Europe, as well as visiting the United States.

The library looks almost as good as 9th century new.Every year was associated with the name, an eponym, of the Limmu, the individual holding office.